Thursday, June 13, 2013

Laser/Fiber Optic Star projectors

Stars From Mars is a professional fiber optic company that typically supplies the fiber optic decorations to construct a star field on the ceilings of many businesses, From Restaurants to NASA Space exhibits to Disney and Universal Studios. Costing thousands of dollars to install, their work is absolutely phenomenal.

                                          A video tour of one or their star field rooms:
                                                  (I suggest watching it from YouTube)

There are Home projectors that aren't half as stunning as the Stars From Mars star field but are affordable. The Sega Homestar Planetarium is one (you can buy it here):



  and the slightly cheaper, Nebula-resembling Laser Stars Projector is another (Which you can also buy here):    


Whether you plan on buying one or not, the videos are always really neat to watch.

And as an even cheaper option, you can buy a simple planets projection nightlight, which I actually have and highly recommend. (:  

Then there's always the free option. :P

- YouTube, Amazon, QVC


Mandi Gurecki said...

Ooooh! I love those things! I actually have one, but mine's a cheap one. It's not an actual projection of real star placements... Just light. But it's purdy! And it's got a green/red/blue light setting as well as just plain white. *nods* XD

Michaela Ann H. said...

Aren't they awesome? ^.^

Sounds cool. The one I have (the last one I mentioned) projects a surprisingly vivid image of the planets and galaxies. It's so neat, I feel like I have a window into space in my ceiling. x3

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